Phishing Simulation Software

Terranova Security's phishing simulation software balances a flexible, easy-to-use interface with realistic phishing templates that target specific behaviors and emulate common cyber threats.





Terranova Security offers a wide variety of phishing simulation solutions for organizations of all sizes, industries, and regions, providing security leaders with the tools they need to ensure confidential data is kept safe from hackers.

Terranova's phishing simulation software makes it easy to:

  • Obtain data-driven cyber awareness insights
  • Identify and address high-risk behaviors
  • Understand your organization’s cyber weaknesses
  • Educate end users on common phishing tactics
  • Fuel security awareness training with facts, not fiction

Key Features

Mirrors real-world cyber threats

From fraudulent shipping confirmation messages to suspicious gift card and refund offers, Terranova Security phishing templates replicate real-life attacks that can occur at any time.

Easy-to-use interface

The Terranova Security Awareness Platform makes creating, deploying, and monitoring simulated threat scenarios simple from start to finish.

Customizable phishing scenarios

Administrators can customize any aspect of selected Terranova Security phishing scenarios, from the phishing email message to the CSS styling of the fake landing page.

Seamless training program integration

No matter what kind of security awareness program you have or are looking to implement, you’ll find templates that align with your existing training topics and cyber security goals.

Data-driven performance measurement

Make informed, data-driven decisions regarding your phishing awareness strategy with in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities.


Get accurate phishing benchmarking data

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Robust Phishing Template Library

Terranova's platform contains an ever-growing library of real-world phishing templates, along with the option to create your own.


phishing templates for security awareness training


Phishing Email Template Samples

Below is a sampling of phishing simulation email templates available within the Terranova Security platform.

Just-in-Time Training for Phishing Simulation Clickers

free up IT time

Give clickers immediate support. Provide phishing simulation clickers with impactful just-in-time training on specific topics with nanovideos.

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