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Track the Success of your Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness Training PlatformA cyber security awareness platform that enables you to easily manage and distribute training content, evaluate knowledge retention, while tracking and reporting participation and progress on learning outcomes.

Enable efficient deployment and tracking of your training campaigns. This management platform enables you to enroll, manage and monitor your participants. The management platform provides a useful complement to your training program and allows you to better track and appropriately measure results.

The powerful course assembly capabilities in our platform provide the ability to create modular, highly-targeted training campaigns, a critical factor in changing behavior over time.

Key benefits
  • Enroll, manage, and monitor participation and performance
  • See training and assessment progress and completion status
  • Track, monitor and record employee progress and performance in real time
  • Send notifications to users who did not complete or did not pass their training, and target follow-up by status, country, department, etc.
  • Monitor elapsed time, completed activities, date, time, status of completion, results of evaluation, scores and much more

Training Platform Features

Your Must-Have Checklist to Launching Effective Security Awareness Campaigns

Get the highest-quality cyber security awareness training that provides an engaging, informative eLearning experience. Terranova Security offers customizable courses, quizzes, game-style activities, and communication tools that are perfect for any industry, organization size, and security awareness budget.


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Assemble your own course from our large library of security awareness, privacy and compliance topics or your own custom content. Creating a new course is a simple select, drag and drop experience.

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Attribute or filter-based assignment of access makes it possible to assign different learning paths to different audiences. Course or quiz access can be assigned to everyone, a list of users, or dynamically based on a filter.


Comprehensive and dynamic multilingual user interface, and content, email messages. A unique solution that provides end-to-end multilingual experiences.


Flexible automated email messages with predefined, customizable templates for key campaign activities such as course and quiz access, reminders and completion. Email messages can be dynamically sent to different user populations based on predefined rules.


Predefined dashboards and reports enable tracking progress on course and quiz status, progress and results. Dashboards enable dynamic views by filters such as department, location, and more.



Featured Whitepaper: 
The Power of Personalized Reporting in Security Awareness Training

Learn about data-driven insights, how they improve security awareness training decision-making, and how they bolster your ROI.

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Evaluate employee knowledge and progress with a pre-assessment or post-assessment quiz. Leverage a large out-of-the-box bank of questions from a variety of security awareness topics. Customize the questions, or create your own.


Add users to the platform and define environment filters that enable dynamic filter-based content assignment and reporting, without the resource-intensive process of assigning users to groups. Single sign-on enables seamless access to the platform end-user interface.

User management

Configure the platform interface with the logo, background and color themes that reflect your company brand.


Training VideosWatch Training Videos

Terranova Security's robust library of training courses integrate engaging, bite-sized video content to support knowledge retention and user engagement. These videos showcase the risks, consequences, and best practices related to a given topic.

Dive into a selection of Terranova Security's award-winning training content.


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