Security Awareness Campaign Manager

See how easy it is to save time and resources by automating key security awareness workflows.

30%1 of your employees’ day-to-day can be saved with automation

Without security awareness training automation, your administrators must spend countless hours manually setting up every course and campaign. As a result, quickly addressing unsafe online behaviors becomes more challenging, which can leave your sensitive information vulnerable.

The new Campaign Manager feature from Fortra's Terranova Security ensures that you easily build, schedule, and deploy your security awareness campaigns. All automation is centralized in the Security Awareness Platform, so you can spend less time on tedious data entry tasks and more time securing critical data.

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The quickest, easiest way to build a security-aware culture


Spend minutes, not hours or days, setting up and deploying your cyber security awareness training. Automate crucial processes and grow an organizational culture that treats cyber security best practices as a top priority.

With Campaign Manager from Fortra’s Terranova Security, you can:

Set and manage campaign start and end dates, and durations

Set campaign access permissions, including auto-enrollment

Edit or remove individual tasks in existing campaigns

Determine end user prerequisites and enrollment options


Campaign Manager also simplifies how you visualize the flow of each campaign with an integrated Gantt chart view. Administrators can edit and deploy campaign updates in a few clicks so your training program doesn't lose momentum.



Don’t wait until after a data breach to secure your data


95%2 of data breaches are caused by human error. Unfortunately, too many organizations wait until after the damage is done to address their human risk factor.

Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize the efficiency of your security awareness training processes. By deploying and scheduling training regularly, you’ll give employees crucial hands-on experience detecting and reporting cyber threats without restricting productivity.

Discover how Terranova Security can instantly help you:


Accelerate your security awareness training deployment 

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Ensure the right participants have the correct access permissions 

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Personalize training campaigns to deliver an unparalleled experience