Managed Security Services

Provide the support and expertise for your oganization to thrive

Managed Services

Improve Security Operations and Reduce Costs with Managed Security Services

Managed security services provide a holistic approach to security awareness program, generating better results than many organizations are able to achieve in-house. This option offers ongoing project management, seamless campaign launches and continuous optimization. It also ensure your program is aligned to your security objectives by defining and tracking KPIs, and reporting on results and progress.

Turning to a trusted partner offers several advantages, including:

  • Stay focused on innovation and your core business
  • Dedicated project manager throughout implementation
  • Consistent look and feel of your security awareness program
  • Reduce IT and labor costs

Benefit from services that center around your organization, its cyber security landscape and IT complexities, and your workforce. Reach out to a dedicated team of experts throughout the many phases of implementation and enjoy top visibility and status reporting.

Adapting to Your Organization

Your brand, culture, maturity level, organization size, languages, global locations, industry, internal clientele, are taken into consideration as the managed security services are adaptable and scalable to meet your needs and objectives.


Managed Security Services Check-List for Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations:

  • Installation of security management platform
  • Uploading recipient lists into platform (validation and cleanup of lists)
  • Configuration of web environment, integration of content, and campaign messages.
  • In-house testing (email invitation, pilot groups)
  • Launch of security awareness campaign
  • Help Desk support (troubleshooting and problem-solving)
  • Reporting functions
  • Email follow-ups
  • Post-Mortem Dialogue: campaign optimization