Cyber Security Awareness Consulting Services

Leverage Expertise of In-House CISO Coaches

CISO Coaching

Been There, Done That.

Happy to Share Best Practices and Lessons Learnt with You

One of our in-house CISOs will be happy to support and coach you and your team as you develop or enhance your security awareness plan.

The goal is to inform you on how to implement and execute a security awareness program with measurable results by:

  1. Providing you guidance on how to evaluate your current security position, risk exposures and constraints to outline the critical factors that will lead to a successful program.
  2. Assisting you in the identification of goals, objectives, subjects and learning activities that will define your security awareness strategy.
  3. Identifying key personnel required to contribute to the design and operation of your program and what decisions must be taken to ensure all requirements are covered.
  4. Offering you examples of program deployment and communications strategies to make effective use of your resources and your audience’s time.
  5. Selecting performance indicators and metrics that will help you track the compliance, knowledge retention and behavior change of your audience.

Additional CISO Coaching and Consulting Offerings:

  • Workshop on the Security Awareness 5-Step Framework
  • Needs analysis
  • Guide for deploying security awareness campaign
  • Identification of challenges, constraints and solutions
  • High-level communication activities
  • High-level deployment strategy
  • Project Management activities
  • Customized project plan
  • Project kick-off preparation