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What is Click and Launch?

Click and Launch are pre-built security awareness training bundles designed to maximize your return on investment while minimizing the time your organization spends implementing a training program. Each bundle is budget-friendly and can be up and running in just a few clicks.

How is Click and Launch Different?

Unlike other security awareness training options, Click and Launch empowers security leaders to build cyber threat resilience without sacrificing quality. All course and phishing simulation content is vetted by in-house subject matters experts, giving your employees powerful out-of-the-box training on phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and more.

Who is Click and Launch For?

Click and Launch is for any organization looking for multifaceted security awareness training that’s easy to use and quick to implement. By investing as little as five minutes of your time in the initial setup, you can better secure sensitive information with programs that leverage over 20 years of cyber security expertise.

How Click and Launch Boosts Your Awareness Training Productivity


Click and Launch is the security awareness training solution for organizations craving affordable, stress-free security awareness training. These bundles deliver proven behavior change results through informative courses, real-world phishing simulation, and various reinforcement tools – and it’s all ready for you to launch instantly!

Get Set Up Quickly

Create and launch pre-configured training campaigns and phishing simulations in just a few clicks.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Implement your security awareness training with confidence using a straightforward UI.

Ready-To-Use Content

Take a proactive training approach with courses and campaigns ready to deploy immediately.

Vetted By Experts

Fortra's Terranova Security CISO experts vet all content to deliver reliable, insightful best practices.

Engaging Reinforcement Tools

Keep key topics top-of-mind with newsletters, infographics, and other ready-made communication tools.

Achieve Your Goals

Enjoy a learning experience that empowers your organization to attain its cyber security objectives.

Powerful Phishing Campaigns

Train your end users on the latest tactics cyber criminals use with real-world phishing simulations built into each bundle.


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Out-Of-The-Box Vs. Customizable Security Awareness Training: Which One is Better?


out-of-the-box-vs-customizableYour organization’s cyber security needs and goals are unique. While ransomware and phishing are risks for many, no two organizations have the same IT resources or internal security awareness levels. Because of this, training programs must be designed with those particulars in mind to reduce risk and strengthen information security.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options at every organization’s disposal, from pre-built bundles like Click and Launch that further streamline training implementation to more customizable security awareness solutions. By choosing one over the other, it’s important to know what you can expect.

Before You Start: Identify Your Organization’s Needs


Prior to selecting a security awareness training program or bundle type, you must first determine your organization’s cyber security goals and the resources at its disposal. This decision-making process is the most significant factor when predicting a training program’s success rate.

Some questions security leaders can ask during this stage include:

  • What end user behaviors are you trying to change through your training campaign(s)?
  • Which cyber threats are most prevalent in your industry or region?
  • What risk reduction or metric-based improvement do you want to see over time?
  • When will training courses and phishing simulations be sent to end users?
  • Which objectives must be met for the training program to succeed?

While this list of questions isn’t exhaustive, they underscore that having some form of security awareness training in place is always better than having none at all.

The Advantages of Out-Of-The-Box Security Awareness Training

With pre-built training bundles like Click and Launch, your organization can expedite the implementation process significantly. With no major customization demands placed on administrators, organizations can save a massive amount of time and internal resources. As a result, out-of-the-box security awareness training is easier to launch and maintain.

The key to effective out-of-the-box training is content quality. Before selecting one bundle type over the other, ensure industry experts – ideally a CISO – have vetted every course and phishing simulation, making sure they contribute to an engaging, informative learning experience.

The Advantage of Personalized Security Awareness Training

What separates personalized security awareness training from its pre-built counterparts is the level of customization it offers. From changing the visual aspects of your courses to altering the look and feel of phishing simulation messages, you can tailor your training content to suit your audience’s preferences and topics most relevant to them.

However, unlike out-of-the-box training, the lead for analysis, planning, and execution must either be an internal project manager or someone who can liaison with a Professional Services team member. Depending on your organization’s internal audience and existing policies regarding cyber security awareness, ensuring every aspect of a training program adheres to your brand may be a higher priority.