Do your third-party vendors know how to keep your data safe?

Supply chain disruption can happen in an instant. All it takes is one click from an unaware third-party vendor. Include engaging cyber security training in your third-party risk management and see how easy it is to protect your data from breaches.

98% of organizations worldwide are connected to breached third-party vendors. 

The top 2%? They're not “lucky,” they're just equipped with robust third-party risk management (TPRM).

Get a comprehensive TPRM that has a cyber security awareness training aspect. Without this, third-party contractors, suppliers, or vendors may leave sensitive information vulnerable to hackers.

Join the top 2%.

You can't protect if you can't detect.


Minimizing the human risk factor starts with building a strong overall relationship with all stakeholders within your third-party vendor risk management framework.



Say goodbye to:

  • Hours or days of downtime

  • Millions of dollars in lost revenue

  • Potential lawsuits due to non-compliance

  • Weakened cyber security posture

  • Irreparable reputational damage

By bolstering your TPRM with from Fortra’s Terranova Security, it’s easy to:

  • Keep critical operations online

  • Increase productivity and revenue

  • Achieve legal stability and performance

  • Build a robust cyber culture inside and out

  • Foster trust with your clients and prospects

Significantly Reduce Third-Party Risk with Security Awareness


Align your third-party risk management practices with effective cyber security awareness training to achieve a seamless, efficient business ecosystem—free of downtime and data breaches.

Contact a security awareness training expert and discover how Terranova Security can instantly help you:

Asset 39

Inform your supply chain on preventing cyber attacks 

Asset 43

Assess third-party vendor maturity levels 


Identify cyber weaknesses in your third-party ecosystem 


 Gain visibility through in-depth analytics

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Protect your organization’s reputation and bottom line

For more information on Terranova Security awareness training—and how you can bundle different cyber security solutions together to save even more—get started now.