Phishing Simulation Free Trial

See how easy it is to give employees hands-on experience detecting and reporting real-world phishing threats. Sign up for your 30-day phishing simulation free trial and help your organization avoid falling victim to a data breach.

95% of data breaches are due to human error. Are you keeping your data safe? 

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Don’t let high-risk end user behaviors leave your sensitive information, networks, and systems at risk of a data breach. Give your employees and third-party vendors the knowledge they need to spot common phishing warning signs and keep critical data and assets out of the hands of hackers.

A risk-free way to reduce your cyber security risk levels


All it takes is one ill-advised click on a suspicious link or attachment to leave your most important organizational data vulnerable. Start changing unsafe online behaviors for the next 30 days – all at no cost to you.

With your phishing simulation free trial from Fortra’s Terranova Security, it’s easy to:

Obtain data-driven cyber awareness insights

Identify and address high-risk behaviors

Understand your organization’s cyber weaknesses

Educate end users on common phishing tactics

Fuel security awareness training with facts, not fiction

Don’t wait until a data breach occurs to secure your data


Here’s the truth: 90% of data breaches are caused by phishing attacks. Unfortunately, too many organizations wait until after the damage is done to address their human risk factor.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give employees crucial hands-on experience detecting and reporting phishing threats without putting your data at risk. Without testing end user knowledge of cyber threat tactics, can you be sure your sensitive information is safe from hackers?

Discover how Terranova Security can instantly help you:

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Get started training your employees on key cyber topics 
Deliver a real-world phishing training experience 
Ensure participants can spot and avoid potential cyber attacks