Security Awareness Professional Services

Simplify how you implement, manage, and optimize security awareness training with Professional Services from Fortra’s Terranova Security. Subject matter experts and support staff provide guidance on all aspects of your program, from planning and execution to comprehensive customization options.

Services That Help Achieve Your Cyber Security Goals

Choose from multiple options that empower your awareness program managers throughout the life of the program. Strategize and launch training initiatives, monitor overall performance, and adjust training components to change unsafe end user behaviors and promote a security-first mindset.

CISO Advisory Services
CISO Advisory Services

With over 20 years of industry experience, Terranova Security CISO Advisory Services take the guesswork out of planning every part of your security awareness training program. You’ll get expert recommendations every step of the way on the latest cyber threats and how to keep your data safe.

*CISO Advisory Services are specific to security awareness and phishing training and do not cover all aspects of cyber security.


Managed Services
Managed Services

Work with a dedicated, supportive team to ensure all aspects of your security awareness training program run smoothly. Terranova Security Managed Services options are flexible to accommodate your organization’s specific plan as you attain your security awareness goals.



Customization Services
Customization Services

Easily customize a wide variety of content and branding parameters through the Terranova Security team. Your organization can also benefit from extended customization levels that can tailor the look and feel of your training content to your specifications.


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The Global Partner of Choice in Security Awareness Training

When you work with Terranova Security, you get more than just another security awareness training vendor. You get an active partner who will support your organization every step of the way to ensure that it attains all its cyber security objectives.


Security Awareness Professional Services Benefits

All Security Awareness Professional Services bundles include everything your organization needs to create, deploy, and optimize an effective training program. It’s the easiest way to build threat resilience, address high-risk security areas, and protect your organization from a potential data breach

CISO Advisory Services

  • Backed by more than 20 years of industry-leading expertise
  • Identify actionable, scalable security awareness training goals
  • Build a training program strategy that targets the right end user behaviors
  • Lunch & Learn sessions for employees
  • Obtain and leverage data-driven insights to strengthen your cyber security

Managed Services

  • Ensure a seamless training program implementation and rollout process
  • Experienced project management and awareness campaign launch support

Customization Services

  • Customize your training content and phishing templates to meet your unique needs
  • Personalize elements of your Security Awareness Platform to match your brand voice
  • Ensure your training program evolves alongside your cyber security goals


A Proven Methodology for Enhanced Training Capabilities

Implement the proven Terranova Security 5-step security awareness training framework to ensure your program is aligned with all your cyber security and key business objectives. With a pre-defined structure, clear best practices, templates, and checklists for each stage of the deployment process, you can get quickly get ready and start changing user behaviors and reducing related risks.

5 Steps
STEP 1 (CISO Services)

Analyze your organization’s needs and objectives and develop a cyber security awareness program that generates results.

STEP 2 (CISO Services)

Plan your program to stay on track and engage your workforce as well as your stakeholders.

STEP 3 (Managed Services)

Deploy an effective training initiative and witness behavior change as it happens.

STEP 4 (Managed/CISO Services)

Measure the performance of your program against your objectives and demonstrate progress to stakeholders. STEP 5 (CISO Services) Optimize campaigns accordingly and update your program to incorporate new insight.


Security Awareness Training That Facilitates Behavior Change

Maximize your organization’s security awareness training investment with content and phishing simulations that target and help change user behavior. With content available in a variety of formats and languages, you can tailor every aspect of your training program to align with your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Risk-based Training Example
Risk-based Training Example


Security Awareness Professional Services Bundles

With a variety of bundle options, your organization can instantly benefit from a Security Awareness Professional Services solution. Use a bank of 3, 5, 10, or 15 days to customize your bundle components based on your organization’s unique needs, resources, and time allotted for each stage of the process. Your bundle can also be supplemented with additional hours at any time.




Discover how these Security Awareness Professional Services bundle options can help you get the most out of your training program!


Terranova Security and Microsoft:


Bringing the Best Security Awareness Content to Users

Terranova Security is Microsoft’s security awareness training partner of choice, helping organizations worldwide leverage high-quality content to strengthen their data protection. Terranova Security training material also leverages Microsoft’s real-time phishing intel to reflect the most current cyber threats and help users safeguard all types of information.

Industry Distinctions


Recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor in the 2020 Market Guide for:

Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

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Customer excellence is a driving force and core value across the entire Terranova Security team.

This distinction is validation by our customers that we are making a difference and supporting them in their security awareness training journey.

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2020 Information Technology Educator of the Year

Gold Winner - IT World Awards

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