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Discover why organizations place their trust in Fortra’s Terranova Security to transform employees’ unsafe digital behaviors, mitigate cyber risks, and safeguard critical data.

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Why Terranova Security?

Creating a secure online environment is more than just ticking boxes—it's about engaging and empowering your employees to make safe decisions every day. Avoid data breaches with engaging cybersecurity awareness training solutions tailored to your needs.



Maximized Training Impact

Make the most of limited training time with engaging, high-quality content designed to leave a lasting impression.


Enhanced Employee Engagement

Interactive, gamified training keeps employees motivated and actively participating, ensuring higher retention and application of knowledge.

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Relevant and Accessible Content

Tailored to your specific needs, our training is both relevant and accessible, making it easy for employees to relate and apply what they learn.

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Efficient Implementation and Management

With full, SaaS-based LMS capabilities that are SCORM-compliant, our solutions are designed for ease of implementation and management.


Comprehensive Tracking and Measurement

Advanced reporting tools help you track progress, identify high-risk behaviors, and measure the effectiveness of your training programs, providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Why Terranova Security Works



Our award-winning LMS platform is proven to change user behaviors and instill a security-first mindset. Launch customized, targetted training campaigns and track your program's progress in real-time.

High Performer

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Better Security Awareness Training enables you to:


Prevent data breaches, cyber attacks,
and system downtime.

Free up IT's time to focus on more
innovative projects.

Reduce third-party risk across your
vendor and supply chain ecosystem.

Featured Case Study

Terranova provided us with essential core training that we utilize. They created the right modules that talk about the right things that enhanced our culture of security and training adoption rate across all levels of the organization, from people working in the warehouse to the CEO.

- Information Security Manager, Manufacturing

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Security Awareness Training Case Study


Proven Expertise and Innovative Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, Terranova Security has equipped thousands of end users with the skills and knowledge to recognize and defend against cyber threats. Now part of Fortra’s extensive cybersecurity portfolio, complementary products are brought together to solve complex problems in innovative ways, ensuring a relentless ally throughout your cybersecurity journey.




A Trusted Microsoft Partner

Regarding training, we think that the catalog should be large, diverse, interactive, inclusive, accessible, and localized. Terranova Security’s catalog meets all those requirements, which is why we partnered with them.

- Brandon Koeller, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft


Improve Your Security Awareness Training

Enjoy the industry’s highest-quality security awareness training experience with courses that distill everything your organizations needs to change end user behaviors and ensure your sensitive information is safeguarded from cyber criminals.