Level Up Your Security Awareness with Cyber Games

Increase your training participation and completion rates by adding immersive, interactive Cyber Games to your program.

83%1 of employees believe gamification motivates them to complete training

These techniques, often associated with video games, have been proven to keep end users engaged with an immersive, enjoyable experience. When employees interact with gamified corporate training like Cyber Games, participation rates don’t take long to skyrocket.

Score big points in the end user engagement department and invest in security awareness training content that delivers results, not added cyber risk. Participants complete missions in 3D environments that put them at the center of exciting cyber security scenarios.

Better security awareness is only a click away.

Beat your high scores in cyber security awareness


You could have dozens of content modules and activities that cover crucial cyber security topics as part of an awareness campaign—but if no one engages with them or completes their training, you can’t reduce your risk. As a result, your sensitive information may be increasingly vulnerable to data breaches.

Avoid this scenario with interactive, gamified Cyber Games from Fortra’s Terranova Security. By adding these modules to your security awareness training arsenal, it’s easy to:

Boost participation rates with interactive, gamified content

Customize every aspect of your training courses and environment

Create and deploy multifaceted security awareness campaigns

Provide practical, real-world exercises with phishing simulations

Monitor performance using built-in analytics and reporting


The Terranova Security team is here to support and guide you every step of the way. With over 20 years of industry expertise, building an actionable strategy and hitting all your cyber security goals is straightforward and stress-free.



Don’t wait until after a data breach to secure your data


95%2 of data breaches are caused by human error. Unfortunately, too many organizations wait until after the damage is done to address vital risk factors proactively.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support high-risk individuals or roles with immersive, gamified content that educates them on essential cyber security best practices without restricting productivity or putting confidential data at risk.

Discover how Terranova Security can help you:


Simplify your security awareness training program deployment 

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Target the right end user behaviors with engaging, interactive content 

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Personalize training campaigns to deliver an unparalleled experience