Easily Identify and Reduce Risk with Security Culture Index

Quantify your employee risk levels and build a strong culture of cyber security awareness with data-driven end user ratings.

Pinpoint Risk and Drive Behavior Change 

Security Culture Index enables cyber security leaders to accurately assess risk and security awareness levels, organizations can quickly identify high-risk users or profiles, pinpoint behavior change objectives, and personalize training initiatives to suit those unique data points.

By combining tailored risk scoring with automated, risk-based campaigns, organizations can:

  • Quickly identify risk levels based on role, function, region, and more
  • Confidently change unsafe online behaviors and reduce risk
  • Build a security-aware organizational culture across all departments and teams

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Data-Driven Insights Unique to Each Employee


An individual’s Security Culture Index rating draws from multiple factors to facilitate the creation of risk-based campaigns that respond and adapt to changes in behavior.

These data points include a person’s:

Role and function within the organization

Access permissions to sensitive information

Number of emails received on a daily or weekly basis

Involvement in or proximity to previous data breaches

Awareness training course participation and completion

Phishing simulation results

Behavior change performance over time