Canadian University Reduces Data Breach Potential And Strengthens Security Culture Through An Effective Awareness Training Program

At the time of this writing, the university was home to 40,000 students and nearly 7,000 faculty and staff. Due in part to its commitments to provide students access to the best teaching and the freedom to complete research of the highest quality, many courses are taught and presented in two different languages.

To instill cyber security trust across the campus, from in-person interactions to online course environments, the university set out strategic objectives to govern long-term operational decisions. Many of these goals would be challenging to attain without strengthening the organization’s security posture.

Learn how a recognized Canadian university obtained a training participation rate of over 42% with the help of engaging security awareness content.




With Fortra’s Terranova Security as their ally, the organization was able to:

  • Increase global participation by 5% overall
  • Reach 17,000 out of the estimated 40,000 students
  • Make significant progress towards the goal of 15% global participation