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Out-of-the-box, easy to deploy campaigns

Enjoy a high-quality, out-of-the-box security awareness experience that’s easy to use and deploy. Launch training campaigns and phishing simulations in just a few clicks and quickly realize a strong return on investment by transforming end users into cyber heroes!

Keep Your Sensitive Information Safe

Easily build an effective security awareness training program that’s simple to set up and manage. With preconfigured content that leverages over 20 years of cyber security expertise, Terranova Security helps you deliver an immersive, powerful learning experience that supports your needs and goals.

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  • Informative pre-built courses

  • Engaging, diverse training formats

  • Mobile responsive learning 

  • Real-world phishing simulations

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive UI

  • Inclusive learning approach




Choose Your Security Awareness Click and Launch Cyber Hero Program

Deployment Frequency 1 4
Topics Included Annually Quarterly
Data Leakage
Incident Reporting
Information Lifecycle  
Introduction to Information Security
Mobile Devices  
Social Engineering  
Unintentional Insider Threat  
Working Remotely  

Communication & Reinforcement Tools

Newsletter, Posters, Wallpapers, and more!

6 topics 12 Topics
Phishing Simulation 1 Simulation per Quarter 1 Simulation per Quarter

Reinforcement Training For Phishing Simulation Clickers

Microlearning Topics

  • Business Email Compromised (BEC)
  • Ransomware
  • Spear Phishing
  • Web Phishing

Nanolearning Topics

  • Identity Theft
  • Example of an Attack
  • Phishing - Six Clues That Should Raise Your Suspicions
  • Ransomware
  • Spear Phishing
  • The CEO Fraud
2 Topics per Quarter 2 Topics per Quarter

Optional Add-On Courses

Role-Based, Information Security Awareness for:

  • Executives
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Developers
  • Managers

Cyber Game:

  • Serious Game 
  • Cyber Challenge
Add-on Add-on


Communication & Reinforcement Tools

Increase employee engagement with a diverse suite of communication tools, with new assets added regularly

  • Newsletters: Send training updates and security best practice highlights directly to your users.
  • Posters: Promote your training program with visuals you can tailor to match your brand.
  • Wallpapers and Web Banners: Increase program engagement with vivid, thought-provoking digital messaging.
  • Comics: Add a fun visual aspect to your training program with short comics depicting characters in relatable scenarios.
  • Infographics: Share cyber security tips and best practices in a compact, engaging format that’s perfect for social or intranets.
  • Cyberpedia: Get everything you need to know about key cyber security topics in exhaustive, informative webpages.
  • What is Videos: Send cyber security tips and best practices to users in bite-sized streaming video format.

All communication tools are currently available in EN, FR-CA, FR-FR, and ES LATAM. For additional language support, please contact the Terranova Security Customer Success team.



Security Awareness Training Languages

Training cyber heroes is a worldwide movement, which makes language a crucial component. Empower your employees by offering security awareness training in their preferred language.

  • EN English
  • EN-GB English (United Kingdom)
  • FR French (Canada)
  • FR-FR French (France)
  • ES Spanish (Latin America)
  • ES-ES Spanish (Spain)
  • DE German
  • IT Italian
  • JA Japanese
  • PT Portuguese (Brazil)
  • RU Russian
  • ZH-HK Chinese (Hong Kong) (script traditional; narration cantonese)
  • ZH-CN Chinese (PRC*) (script simplified; narration mandarin)

Additional languages are available upon request.

*PRC: People’s Republic of China

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Terranova Security and Microsoft:

Bringing the Best Security Awareness Content to Users

Terranova Security is Microsoft’s security awareness training partner of choice, helping organizations worldwide leverage high-quality content to strengthen their data protection. Terranova Security training material also leverages Microsoft’s real-time phishing intel to reflect the most current cyber threats and help users safeguard all types of information.




Industry Distinctions 



Recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor in the 2021 Market Guide for:

Security Awareness & Computer-Based Training

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Customer excellence is a driving force and core value across the entire Terranova Security team.

This distinction is validation by our customers that we are making a difference and supporting them in their security awareness training journey.


Software Review 2021

2021 Security Awareness & Training Data Quadrant Report  

Gold Medal Winner - Security Awareness Training

Engaging, Informative Content for All Users

Get access to fun, instantly shareable educational information security content on Terranova Security’s new free resource: The Cyber Security Hub!

Topics covered on the Hub include (but are not limited to) Phishing, Social Engineering, Working from Home and Strong Passwords.

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