Easily Identify Risk with the Security Culture Index

Quickly pinpoint your organization’s high-risk employees and reduce the human risk factor using unique, data-driven ratings.


Build a security awareness culture through unique, data-driven ratings

The Security Culture Index enables you to go beyond one-dimensional risk assessments with unique, data-driven ratings for all your employees. Base individual evaluations on cyber security knowledge, role specifics, access permissions, and awareness training performance to significantly reduce the human risk factor across all teams and departments.

Security Culture Index

Instantly pinpoint high-risk individuals

From access permissions to role requirements, your organization’s employees are all unique, which means you need a risk-scoring tool that’s just as exceptional. The Security Culture Index puts crucial security awareness information at your fingertips, ensuring you can quickly identify high-risk end users and prioritize key behavior change initiatives. 

Security Culture Index leverages dozens of distinctive data points to give you:

  • Multidimensional assessments of security awareness knowledge levels that evolve alongside your end users’ learning and growth
  • Actionable behavior change insights that simplify the process of setting clear goals, strategies, and training programs to deliver consistent results
  • Customized awareness campaigns where each module and phishing simulation is dictated by end users’ or profiles’ established behaviors and risk scores
  • Organization-wide risk reduction that enables you to reduce costs, optimize security awareness training programs, and strengthen cyber security decision-making
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More than 3 billion fraudulent emails are sent every day

Ensure your employees, across all functions and teams, have the knowledge they need to detect and report all cyber threats.


Security Culture Index Helps You:
  • Asses end user and profile risk based on unique data points
  • Fine-tune risk rating based on role, region, knowledge levels, and more 
  • Build customizable training campaigns that change behaviors
  • Gauge end user security awareness progress and performance 
  • Mitigate human risk factors and keep sensitive information safe
  • Create a proactive, security-aware organizational culture

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