Social Engineering Awareness Kit

Educate employees on how to recognize and prevent social engineering attempts with this free resource kit. The kit includes 2 end-user training videos, print-ready infographics and additional resources to promote social engineering awareness. 

Training Videos

What is Social Engineering
Social Engineering Scenario

Social Engineering Infographics

Using fun, informative reinforcement material such as infographics and comics helps boost user engagement. Share these with employees via email or download printable PDFs to hang in common areas around your office.

Social Engineering Prevention Tips

9 Examples of Social Engineering Attacks

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What is Social Engineering?

Everything you need to know about Social Engineering and how to detect common threats and protect confidential data from cybercriminals.

How Is the Digital Age Redefining Social Engineering's Playbook?

Let's discuss how AI is changing social engineering's playbook and how to protect yourself from harder-to-detect attacks.

Pig Butchering Scam – What It Is and How to Protect Yourself

A sophisticated variant of smishing, one that uses social engineering to steal as much money as possible from the victim.

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