Ransomware: Move from Beware to Be Aware!


Do you fear that your organization’s data will be kidnapped and held for ransom?

It is critical for CISOs and security teams to have the right methods, tools and techniques to stop ransomware from infecting their environment. An effective approach goes beyond technology and processes—it needs to include the human factors that contribute to ransomware risks.

  • Do you have a program to make your workforce aware of this risk?
  • Is there a proven methodology in place to change their behaviors?
  • Is your message to them “beware” … or, “be aware?"

Attend this session to learn more about how users are part of the risks associated with ransomware—and how they can become part of the solution and your first line of defense:

  • Who is targeted by ransomware, and why?
  • What human actions or inactions open the door to ransomware?
  • What is the real fix to ransomware risks; and how you can best prevent the risks?
  • How to move from “beware” to “be aware”?