Email Security Solutions from Fortra

Fortra’s email security and anti-phishing solutions provide integrated, adaptive email security that protect organizations from advanced phishing and socially engineered email attacks, as well as prevent sensitive data and malicious content from entering or exiting the organization.


Security Awareness Training +
Suspicious Email Analysis

Trained users are an important part of a layered security strategy. However, SOC teams, often stretched thin on expertise, time, and budget, struggle to address every threat and close the feedback loop with employees, putting enterprises at risk.

Suspicious Email Analysis
Introducing Fortra's Training and Response Bundle

Fortra’s managed Training and Response Bundle stops email threats by delivering world-class Security Awareness Training and Integrated Response.

Our managed service ensures advanced email threats are identified, easily reported, and quickly mitigated. A swift response from our dedicated SOC team follows each report to encourage future reporting and provide updates on the status of the threat. Fortra’s comprehensive email security solution reduces the workload on your SOC, enhances the accuracy of threat detection, and features a fast and responsive feedback loop.

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Identify, Report, and Mitigate Advanced Email Threats

Most suspicious emails reported by users are non-malicious spam or unrelated issues, making it difficult to identify real threats. This overwhelms security teams, causing alert fatigue and missed threats. Additionally, employees can't effectively spot phishing emails or advanced email attacks if they're not trained to do so.

Fortra’s Training and Response Bundle solves this problem. It stops email threats with top-tier Security Awareness Training (SAT) from Terranova Security and Fortra’s Suspicious Email Analysis (SEA).

With proper training, users learn to identify and report suspicious emails correctly. Fortra’s expert analysts then efficiently process these reports, providing regular updates. Automation speeds up the review process, while human analysts add the context needed for accurate threat classification.

This service identifies, reports, and mitigates advanced email threats quickly, enhancing threat detection and ensuring timely and effective resolution.


Continuously collects suspicious email intelligence reported by your employees 

Global Client Base

Collects internally verified and curated threat indicators across our entire client base of global users 

Email Threat Indicators

Compiles suspicious URLs, IPs, file hashes, and malicious email addresses from reported threats

Proprietary Feeds

Interfaces with other Fortra intelligence sources to identify and extract additional threats, such as credential theft indicators, impersonations, and look-alike domains 

More Email Security Solutions from Fortra

Keep emails, brands, and data safe from sophisticated phishing attacks, insider threats, and accidental data loss with minimal business disruption. Learn how solutions from Fortra for Email Security and Anti-Phishing can protect your business better.

Brand Protection

A robust DMARC authentication & monitoring solution stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement to protect customers from cyberattacks. In doing so, it can help preserve brand identity and improve digital engagement, even post-deployment.

Discover how you can keep emails, brands, and data safe from sophisticated email threats.