Upgrade Security Awareness with Microsoft 365 and Terranova Security

Microsoft’s partnership with Terranova provides basic phishing simulation and training as part of E3 Defender P2 and E5 licensing. But you must upgrade to our full-fledged awareness training platform for access to the complete library and support.


Diverse Training for Global Teams

Offering courses in major languages, extending a total of 40+, to meet the diverse needs of global workforces, ensuring consistent security practices across all regions.

Metrics That Matter

Use the Security Awareness Index to pinpoint your high-risk users and clearly define your cybersecurity training outcomes with measurable, data-driven results.

Comprehensive Training Portfolio

Our 2400+ asset library, featuring micro and nano modules, offers modern design and emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity awareness and defense against current and emerging threats.


Varied and Engaging Training Methods

Our interactive Serious Games and scenario-based training are designed to keep employees engaged and ensure knowledge retention, no matter their learning style.

Expert Support and Services

Access expert support and services including CISO Advisory, Managed Services, and Content Customization to ensure your security program is effectively implemented and sustainable.


Enterprise-Level Admin Features for Full Program Control

Terranova Security’s admin console simplifies program management by ensuring organizations have the tools for extensive cybersecurity education, like:

  • Course Builder - Customize training content to match organizational needs.

  • Phishing Simulator - Test and train employees with realistic phishing scenarios.

  • Security Culture Index - Measure and analyze your users’ improvement and your organization’s security posture.

  • Analytics - Access detailed reports and insights on training effectiveness.

  • Email Center - Manage and send educational campaigns and communications.

  • Environment - Customize the platform with your organization’s branding and define admin roles.

Terranova Security Partners with Microsoft

Special Discounts for E5/E3 Defender P2 Customers

Fortra’s Terranova Security offers a 25% discount to M365 E5/E3 Defender P2 users, enhancing value for Microsoft customers and enabling partners to deliver more compelling solutions.