Swipe Right on Cyber Security: Let’s Talk About Zodiac Signs

With Valentine’s Day upon us, our thoughts turn to love, compatibility, and cyber security. As Cupid strings his bow this Valentine’s Day, let’s explore how the stars might be influencing your approach to online security. Are you a Leo who roars against cyber threats, or a Pisces swimming through the sea of digital privacy? Remember, while the universe might hold many mysteries, your cyber...

Phishing Training for Microsoft 365 E5 Customers

Terranova Security’s phishing training content topics include (but are not limited to): Information Security Awareness Topics Business email compromise Email Identity Theft Introduction to information Security Malware Phishing Ransomware Social Engineering Microlearning Library Business email compromised (BEC) C-Level Email Impersonation Handling Unidentified Individuals Mass Market Phishing -...

Upgrade Security Awareness with Microsoft 365 and Terranova Security

Diverse Training for Global Teams Offering courses in major languages, extending a total of 40+, to meet the diverse needs of global workforces, ensuring consistent security practices across all regions. Metrics That Matter Use the Security Awareness Index to pinpoint your high-risk users and clearly define your cybersecurity training outcomes with measurable, data-driven results. Comprehensive...

Get Straight A’s in Cyber Security Awareness

Education institutions are targeted by thousands of cyber attacks every week All it takes is one ill-advised click on a suspicious link or attachment to leave your most important information vulnerable. If a data breach occurs, your organization could be on the receiving end of serious financial and reputational harm. Give your employees and students the knowledge they need to detect and report...

What is Quishing?

QR codes have come a long way since being invented in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota. Initially introduced to address some limitations of barcodes during the car manufacturing process, QR codes have since become staples in people’s day-to-day lives. The introduction of high-powered cameras to most modern smartphones is what allowed these codes to gain new uses. QR codes, easily generated and cost...
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Choosing The Right Security Awareness Training Format: Does Size Really Matter?

DURATION: 30 minutes This session covers two of the most commonly asked questions from security awareness leaders, which are; what length of content is widely used in awareness programs and what format is impactful? Watch the session to learn about : The benefits of including different types of e-learning formats in your security awareness program The differences between microlearning and e...

Safer Internet Day 2024: Keeping Everyone Safe and Secure Online

On February 6, 2024, we will celebrate Safer Internet Day with learning events dedicated to inspiring change and highlighting the importance of online safety. This year, we can expect activities from organizational and industry supporters, schools and government agencies, community groups, and business leaders. With cyber security risks rising, Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to raise...

The 7 Most Dangerous Healthcare Cyber Attacks

While industries like banking and software can be devastated by cyber attacks, no other field is impacted by hackers like healthcare. As an example, it’s hard to forget attacks like the ransomware that brought all 400 locations of Universal Health Services to a standstill for months in the United States. Healthcare facilities often can’t operate if they don’t have access to crucial information...

Instantly Add Value to Your Portfolio

The Easy Way to Drive Growth and Increase Sales Get everything you need to add value to your portfolio, build a trusted advisor relationship with clients, and benefit from a great return on investment. Being an official Terranova Security partner gives you access to: 1. Dependable, powerful security awareness solutions Deliver reliable, engaging security awareness solutions to your customers and...

Find out how you easily can reduce user-related cyber risk.

Better Security Awareness Stronger Data Protection

Nearly 1 in Every 10 Employees Click on Phishing Email Links All it takes is one ill-advised click in a fraudulent email from an unaware end user to cause a security breach. This can leave your organization vulnerable to operational, reputational, and revenue harm. Minimize your cyber security risk levels and build key resilience by teaching employees and third-party vendors how to consistently...

Enhance Vulnerability Management with Security Awareness Training

Change Unsafe Behaviors to Build a Cyber-Aware Culture Help your IT team sleep better at night with the knowledge that your security awareness training helps employees detect and report potential cyber threats consistently. By implementing interactive, engaging awareness training programs, you create an organizational culture where security best practices are always a priority. Choose training...

Security Awareness Campaign Manager

30% 1 of your employees’ day-to-day can be saved with automation Without security awareness training automation, your administrators must spend countless hours manually setting up every course and campaign. As a result, quickly addressing unsafe online behaviors becomes more challenging, which can leave your sensitive information vulnerable. The new Campaign Manager feature from Fortra's Terranova...

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Strengthen end user understanding of crucial threats like phishing, email security, malware and more with Cyber Challenges!

Level Up Your Security Awareness with Cyber Games

83% 1 of employees believe gamification motivates them to complete training These techniques, often associated with video games, have been proven to keep end users engaged with an immersive, enjoyable experience. When employees interact with gamified corporate training like Cyber Games, participation rates don’t take long to skyrocket. Score big points in the end user engagement department and...

Security Awareness Training for Education

Over 2200 1 cyber attacks victimize education institutions weekly The reason is simple: All it takes is one ill-advised click on a suspicious link or attachment to leave your most important information vulnerable. If a data breach occurs, your organization could be on the receiving end of serious financial and reputational harm. Minimize the human risk factor and protect your networks, systems...

Terranova Security and Microsoft

As Microsoft’s security awareness partner of choice, Terranova Security awareness content powers Attack Simulation Training, a key component of Microsoft Defender for Office 365. Learn more about the human-centric approach to security awareness training and content by booking a one-on-one demo. Your demo includes a complete overview of: Phishing, security awareness, social engineering, and...

Phishing Simulation Free Trial

95% of data breaches are due to human error. Are you keeping your data safe? Don’t let high-risk end user behaviors leave your sensitive information, networks, and systems at risk of a data breach. Give your employees and third-party vendors the knowledge they need to spot common phishing warning signs and keep critical data and assets out of the hands of hackers.

Easily Launch Security Awareness Training in Minutes!

When you choose one of the Click and Launch bundles, Champion or All-Star, you will: Launch easy-to-use training content that’s optimized and ready to use immediately Change the right end user behaviors with informative courses and phishing simulations Get cost-effective, immersive training experience that leverages 20 years of industry expertise Ready for powerful security awareness training that...

Easily Identify and Reduce Risk with Security Culture Index

Pinpoint Risk and Drive Behavior Change Security Culture Index enables cyber security leaders to accurately assess risk and security awareness levels, organizations can quickly identify high-risk users or profiles, pinpoint behavior change objectives, and personalize training initiatives to suit those unique data points. By combining tailored risk scoring with automated, risk-based campaigns...