Pig Butchering Scam – What It Is and How to Protect Yourself

Image Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and the most recent evolution of phishing scams is proving particularly effective. Boasting a gruesome name, pig butchering is a cyber threat that reels in victims and steals thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.  Pig butchering has quickly become one of the most lucrative scams thanks...

Protect your loved ones from phishing, social engineering and other cyber attacks

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for romance. It’s a time of year when cyber criminals and scammers launch attacks such as phishing, vishing, smishing, and social engineering. Australia has begun issuing warnings to singles, informing them of the “pig butchering” or “romance baiting” scam that’s prominent on Valentine’s Day. It starts with the attacker assuming the identity of...

How Is the Digital Age Redefining Social Engineering's Playbook?

Phishing has always been a prominent attack vector, skyrocketing as traditional hacks became more complicated. Even worse, hackers have begun perfecting their tactics to make them more reliable and damaging. One of the most dangerous variants is social engineering, and with the help of AI, it's now becoming increasingly sophisticated. Let's discuss how AI is changing social...

Cyber Security Preparedness in a Hybrid World

Offices around the world have undergone a massive transformation in recent years. While a fully remote workforce remains offered by a minority of employers, the hybrid nature of workplaces is rapidly becoming the norm. A recent study by Cisco studied the cyber security challenges tied to a distributed workforce, and their cyber security readiness model created some troubling...

9 Examples of Social Engineering Attacks

All examples of social engineering take advantage of human nature, such as the willingness to trust others, to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information. Despite its prevalence, social engineering can be challenging to distill into a single formula. It’s one of the reasons 82% of data breaches involve the human element. Social engineering has become the backbone of...

What You Need to Know About the Google Drive Scam

Hackers are targeting hundreds of thousands of Google users with fake Google Drive notifications and emails to try and trick them into visiting malicious websites.

13 Online Shopping Tips to Stay Safe During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

During the annual eCommerce bonanza known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, shopping websites will be swarming with people who are mostly unaware of cyber threats that can leave personal data vulnerable. In 2021, Europe, Canada, and the United States saw a 50% spike in transactions during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday window from the previous week. With the...

How to Protect Your Data from Social Engineering

Download the whitepaper and find out everything you need to know about social engineering, including: Who can be targeted with a social engineering scheme Why these kinds of attacks are so effective How social engineering leverages human emotions to steal data The easy steps you can take to keep your data safe ...

What the Twitter Hack Revealed About Social Engineering

Less than a week ago, Twitter fell victim to a monumental security breach that saw hackers successfully orchestrate a social engineering attack and take over high-profile Twitter user accounts, including world-renowned companies like Apple and business magnates like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. The cybercriminals used that access to launch a bitcoin scam that generated over $120...