Security Awareness and Working From Home: What About Devices with Personal Voice Assistants?

Personal voice assistants have proven to be a great technological innovation that improves lives daily. With 4.2 billion of these devices in use in 2020, they are no longer just a novelty, and, with workers staying home for the foreseeable future, voice assistants could pose a sizeable security risk. Voice assistants are mostly known as standalone speakers that people talk to in order to execute...

The Importance of Mobile Responsive Security Awareness Training White Paper

Download the White Paper to how to better engage users by: Giving them access to security awareness training from anywhere, on any device Providing an appealing, effective learning experience that fits everyone’s schedule Promoting better knowledge retention and lasting behavior change by leveraging mobile learning Implementing a seamless experience across desktops, laptops, smartphones, and...

Consumerization of IT Through BYOD: Is Your Company Ready?

The consumerization of IT is when employees use their own personal mobile devices, such as laptop computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. at work, referred to as BYOD (bring your own device). This use is becoming increasingly common and exposes companies to a variety of risks, including the protection of personal information. Canadian businesses appear to be leading the world in IT consumerization...