Do your third-party vendors know how to keep your data safe?

98% of organizations worldwide are connected to breached third-party vendors. The top 2%? They're not “lucky,” they're just equipped with robust third-party risk management (TPRM). Get a comprehensive TPRM that has a cyber security awareness training aspect. Without this, third-party contractors, suppliers, or vendors may leave sensitive information vulnerable to hackers. Join the top 2%.

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The Cyber Security Hub

Get and share the knowledge everyone needs to become a cyber hero! Establishing a strong security-aware organizational culture and changing user behavior is built on knowledge. To avoid data breaches, employees must be able to identify and report potential cyber threats. The Cyber Security Hub makes is easier than ever to obtain and distribute content on a variety of important cyber security...

Law 25: Everything You Need To Know to Ensure Compliance

Online privacy and data protection have become pressing issues in recent years that many governments have decided to legislate. The Legault CAQ government has been behind many digital-related innovations, so it’s not surprising to see legislation like this. This law is a legislative update since existing laws inadequately address digital data. It should be noted that Law 25 has teeth and isn’t...

The 5 Most Common Supply Chain Attacks

Say, have you heard anything about supply chains lately? Of course, you have. This phrase has entered the zeitgeist with more gusto than Taylor Swift oozing rizz in a Chiefs jersey. When we talk about the price of things, be they groceries or concert tickets, the conversation inevitably turns to someone remarking on “the supply chain,” and the rest of us nod knowingly. Which is to say, supply...

How Security Leaders Can Use Multi-Factor Authentication to Protect Sensitive Data

As cyber criminals discover new ways to harvest login credentials , usernames and passwords have become less effective at keeping malicious users at bay. Research shows there are over 15 billion stolen login credentials on the dark web, which criminals routinely use to steal sensitive information from modern organizations. With such a high volume of data breaches and credential theft, the need to...

Data Privacy Week 2024: 6 Best Practices for Your End Users

How much do your employees know about data privacy? Most employees aren’t unaware of how most modern organizations collect and use their personal information. With Data Privacy Week 2024 fast approaching, there’s no better opportunity to learn more about this topic. Data Privacy Week aims to raise awareness about online privacy and educate individuals on protecting their personal information. The...

The Evolution and Limitations of Multi-Factor Authentication

As careers, banking, and healthcare move online, the need for more secure authentication has become increasingly urgent. While passwords have been adopted as the most common form of authentication, they pose many problems in terms of cyber security. In recent years, especially since the rise of remote work in 2019, the adoption of multi-factor authentication (MFA) has steadily risen to over 60% of...

131 Cyber Security Statistics: 2024 Trends and Data

Cyber security awareness is an everyday job, and it’s easy to fall into a false sense of security once you have a solid plan in place. Every year, statistics are a reminder that hackers and scammers never sleep. New trends and attack types pop up daily, making it difficult to keep track. This list is a rundown of the most important statistics of the year, allowing you to get a good overview of...

How Secure is Cloud Storage? Here are the Important Risks to Know

The rise of cloud storage has enabled much of the rapid digital transformation people have experienced since the onset of the pandemic. Forecasts project that today’s $83.41 billion global market will explode to $376.37 billion by 2029. While cloud storage opens many opportunities to streamline processes and productivity, let’s keep in mind the arduous risks it poses. Skyhigh Security found that...

Top 5 Data Security Incidents of 2023 and Predictions for 2024

As 2023 comes to an end, one thing is certain: cyber security is still a prime concern for most companies. While industries like healthcare and retail are still more heavily impacted than any other, a concerning trend has emerged in regard to the variety of organizations being targeted by cyber criminals. This variety accounted for a staggering 20% increase in data breaches compared to 2022. More...

The 20 Best Movies and TV Shows About Hackers and Cyber Security

For nearly a half-century, cyber security, cyber attacks, and the criminals who perpetrate those acts have been a topic of fascination in Hollywood. With increased tech reliance and adoption beginning at the turn of the 21 st century, the appetite for and popularity of these types of movies and TV shows has exploded worldwide. This collection of titles is perfect for anyone looking to delve into...

The Most Important Cyber Security Trends of 2024

It’s likely that you won’t be surprised that cyber security experts will need to step up their game in 2024. Last year’s events have shown us that education is key and that vigilance is essential. While we learned a lot in 2022, we also had new issues to deal with. Remote work caused 88% of businesses to feel that they are facing “challenges to effective cyber security measures for remote workers...

12 Holiday Cyber Scams to Avoid

For most people, the holidays are a time to relax and unwind with family and friends. It’s also when consumers rush to buy gifts for their loved ones. At this time of year, cyber criminals are innovating new scams to steal the personal information of unsuspecting consumers, from phishing emails to malware infections. According to a report by Centum, cyber attacks increase by 40% during the...

Using Generative AI Responsibly: Exploring 5 Common Use Cases

The rise of generative AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney has been one of this decade’s most revolutionary technological advancements. This technology has allowed businesses to scale their operations more efficiently and enabled entirely new functionalities within existing tools. While generative AI has had a largely positive impact on the world, its negative aspects cannot be ignored. From text to...

11 Cyber Security Tips for the Holidays

E-commerce growth is expected to grow by 9.4% by 2024; by 2027, it’s forecasted to hit a whopping $8 trillion for the first time. More people shopping online means more opportunities for cyber criminals to strike. In fact, there’s a growing trend of cyber scams taking place during the holiday shopping spree. As we all get busy with our holiday shopping and preparations, keeping security in mind is...

Why Modern Design Matters in Cyber Security Training

As cyber criminals keep innovating, coming up with new and more damaging attacks every year, it’s crucial for organizations worldwide to train their staff to recognize these threats. According to a study by Mastercard, a staggering 95% of data breaches are due to human error. This statistic highlights the critical importance of training employees on modern cyber threats. Maintaining employee...

Data Privacy on Social Media: How to Protect Your Information

More than half of the world population ( 54% ) spends an average of 2 hours and 21 minutes on social media daily. Users’ likes, opinions, geotags, photo uploads, and friend connections are considered personal data. What social media companies do with that information is vitally important. However, users often give those platforms enormous control over their data when they sign user agreements...

How Often Should Employees Receive Security Awareness Training?

With cyber attacks posing a significant threat to businesses, especially to small ones where 60% don’t survive such an incident, the importance of regular and effective cyber security awareness training is more evident than ever. But what defines “regular?” What makes “effective?” This article explores the crucial aspect of training frequency. It’s not just about whether your employees undergo...

Protecting Retail Businesses from Cyber Attacks

Retail stores are one of the oldest ways humans exchange goods and services. As they evolve, one of the most significant shifts they have undergone is the dramatic increase in technology integration within their operations. From tools to check stock to staffing management and cash registers, retail stores rely heavily on technology for almost every aspect of their business. Unfortunately, all...