Understand Crucial Phishing Stats

Learn how to strengthen your cyber security awareness and avoid costly phishing attacks. Get the latest global phishing benchmarks and expert CISO recommendations to see how your organization’s click rate stacks up.

Over 40% of clickers would’ve compromised confidential data 

Don’t leave your most important information and business operations vulnerable to phishing threats. Get the insights you need to strengthen your data protection and avoid data breaches by watching the full on-demand version of this webcast.

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A Trusted Microsoft Partner

Regarding training, we think that the catalog should be large, diverse, interactive, inclusive, accessible, and localized.

Terranova Security's catalog meets all those requirements, which is why we partnered with them.

- Brandon Koeller, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

Don’t let a lack of phishing threat knowledge leave your data vulnerable


If knowledge is power, then watching this webcast will instantly make you a cyber hero. Get a detailed breakdown of the latest global phishing benchmarks, which industry and region performed the best, and what the results mean for security awareness training best practices worldwide.


Updated phishing benchmark data helps you avoid:

  • High risk levels related to phishing threats
  • Lost revenue due to a data breach
  • Ineffective security awareness training

With this virtual event, Fortra’s Terranova Security and Microsoft bring you:

  • The phishing data needed to reduce risk
  • Recommendations to keep vital data safe
  • Tips to implement effective awareness training

Save hours of your time searching for the best CISO recommendations


You’re one click away from watching this special webcast, which explains the results and provides expert tips from our biggest phishing simulation ever.

Start streaming it on-demand now and:

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Get up-to-date benchmarks to compare your performance 

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Grow your organization’s security-aware culture

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Deliver better security awareness training results

Ready to discover how Terranova Security can ensure your confidential information stays out of the hands of hackers? Contact a security awareness expert to learn how to bundle different cyber security solutions to save big today.