Nowadays, information security is a very common term used in the business world. Previously, security was simply a matter of installing a firewall to protect a corporate network by adding barriers to prevent intruders from access it.

In the last few years, information has become electronic, or should I say virtual, in its primary form. What used to be on hard copy or paper form is now stored, processed and transferred electronically, which makes securing it much harder.

Education institutions are targeted by thousands of cyber attacks every week

All it takes is one ill-advised click on a suspicious link or attachment to leave your most important information vulnerable. If a data breach occurs, your organization could be on the receiving end of serious financial and reputational harm.

Give your employees and students the knowledge they need to detect and report potential attacks with engaging training that changes unsafe online behaviors.


30%1 of your employees’ day-to-day can be saved with automation

Without security awareness training automation, your administrators must spend countless hours manually setting up every course and campaign. As a result, quickly addressing unsafe online behaviors becomes more challenging, which can leave your sensitive information vulnerable.